March 29, 2021: De’Longhi post impressive Covid-19 growth & other news

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March 29, 2021
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Bringing specialty coffee roasters the latest news stories from around the world, including packaging innovations, consumer trends, and coffee industry updates.

Mar 15 – Free online resource helps coffee farmers reduce carbon footprint (Sprudge)

The Cool Farm Alliance has launched a digital resource that allows smallholder coffee farmers to measure their carbon footprint. After inputting their farming practices, The Cool Farm Tool sends feedback to farmers on the environmental impact of production and offers ways to become more sustainable. Although still in the pilot phase, the team behind the tool hopes to soon make it available to some 25 million smallholder coffee farmers worldwide.

Mar 16 – “Farmer Connect” secures €7.5 million in investments (EU-Startups)

Swiss startup Farmer Connect has landed €7.5 million in a Series A investment round to improve the traceability of the coffee supply chain. Founded in 2019, the company’s vision is to “humanise consumption through technology” by connecting farmers with consumers. Farmer Connect also runs “Thank My Farmer”, an app through which consumers can trace the origin of their coffee and send financial support to the farmers who grow it.

Mar 16 – Aldi aims to use sustainable packaging for all exclusive products by 2025 (Supply Chain Dive)

German supermarket Aldi has laid out its sustainability goals for the next nine years, with a focus on packaging materials, carbon emissions, and operational waste. The company, which has over 10,000 stores in 20 countries, aims to convert all Aldi-exclusive packaging to reusable, recyclable or compostable materials by 2025. It also aims to sustainably source 100% of its Barissimo and Simply Nature coffee by 2022, and halve the amount of food waste by 2030.

Mar 16 – Brazilian authorities crack down on tax evading in coffee industry (Reuters)

A countrywide operation to crack down on tax evasion in the Brazilian coffee industry, known as “Operation Espresso”, has led to the arrest of more than 30 people. Authorities launched raids and issued multiple arrest warrants on coffee cooperatives, wholesalers, coffee brokers, and roasters across four Brazilian states – Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, São Paulo and Paraná. The investigation comes amid reports of tax evasion amounting to nearly $200 million.

Mar 16 – Oregon-based beverage company create upcycled cascara drink (Bevnet)

Riff, a purpose-driven coffee company based in the US state of Oregon, has launched a sparkling energy drink made from cascara, the pulp of coffee beans. The drink, named Energy+ Immunity, is carbon neutral and aims to reduce waste in the coffee industry by upcycling some of the vast quantities of cascara thrown away every year. Available in three flavours, consumers can purchase cans from Amazon, the company’s website, and local retailers. 

Mar 16 – Cafe Imports launches platform for roaster exchange (Daily Coffee News)

Cafe Imports, a US-based green coffee importer, has launched a digital platform for roasters to chat, swap coffees, and share knowledge. Named the “Legendary Coffee Exchange”, it encourages roasters to swap a small bag of single origin coffee before exchanging notes and engaging in discussions. According to Cafe Imports, part of the platform’s aim is to recreate the in-person experiences available prior to Covid-19.

Mar 17 – Starbucks sets 2030 carbon neutral green coffee goal (CNBC)

American coffee chain Starbucks has set out its ambitious plan to make its green coffee carbon neutral by 2030. Announced at its annual shareholder meeting, the coffee giant also aims to halve water usage in green coffee processing by the same year. The plans follow the launch of several sustainable initiatives that include reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and opening a sustainable roasting plant.

Mar 17 – Caravela Coffee releases coffee compass for farm operations (Daily Coffee News)

Green coffee trading company Caravela Coffee has launched “El Compás de Café” (Coffee Compass), a calendar wheel intended to help coffee producers with farm monitoring and maintenance cycles. The device is aimed at helping farmers schedule their activities and ensure all critical tasks performed at the right time, including fertilising, managing pests, and planning the hiring of pickers.

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Mar 17 – De’Longhi reports impressive growth during Covid-19 (Global Coffee Report)

Italian coffee machine manufacturer De’Longhi has recorded a 24.3% increase in profits for 2020, with net revenues up 12.4%. The report covers a year in which home coffee consumption has risen exponentially in the face of coffee shop closures due to Covid-19. According to 2020 figures, De’Longhi, which has sold coffee machines since 1994, experienced double-digit growth in China, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

Mar 22 – K-cup compatible coffee pods earn biobased certification (Vending Marketwatch)

Smile Beverage Werks has earned the US Department of Agriculture’s Certified Biobased Product label for its coffee pods. The third-party verification means that the pods, which are compatible with Keurig’s K-cup brewers, will be placed on the USDA’s BioPreferred Program and their biobased content recognised for being from renewable resources. Located in the US state of Delaware, Smile Beverages Werks specialises in producing compostable food and beverage packaging.

Mar 23 – Origin Coffee partners with top UK chef to open specialty coffee shop (Cornwall Live)

UK celebrity chef Rick Stein will open a specialty coffee shop in the popular coastal town of Padstow, Cornwall on April 7. Working with Cornish coffee roasters Origin Coffee, the launch aims to bring high-quality, ethically sourced coffee to the area, with a range of single-origin options on the menu. According to a company spokesperson, the coffee shop’s espresso-based drinks will be made using 1942 family-farmed Das Almas from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Mar 23 – Campos Coffee releases new packaging in style of takeaway cups (Bean Scene Mag)

Australian roaster Campos Coffee has rolled out new packaging for its flagship “Superior Blend” in the same distinctive green as its takeaway cups. Described as “caramelly” with flavours of “red fruit and apricot”, the blend’s new range of pouches display information on the coffee, its origin, and roast style. According to Campos Coffee founder, Will Young, the updated design reflects “the mood in the air” after a difficult year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mar 24 – Massimo Zanetti adds traceable coffee to line of products (EFA News)

Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group has announced the addition of a fully traceable coffee to its range of products. By scanning QR codes printed on its packaging, consumers and business owners will be able to discover the story behind Segafredo Storia, a 100% arabica coffee. The coffee, which is organic and Rainforest Alliance certified, is available as espresso and filter as both whole beans and ground.

Mar 24 – Nescafé Ricoffy uses 100% sustainably sourced coffee beans (Biz Community)

Nestlé South Africa has announced the coffee beans used for its instant chicory and coffee extract brand, Ricoffy, are now 100% sustainably sourced. The move is part of the company’s initiative “Rethink, Reduce and Repurpose”, focused on limiting environmental impact and encouraging consumers to act more sustainably. Ricoffy was first launched in South Africa in 1952 under the name Ricory. The blend is made from roasted coffee beans and chicory, a flowering plant grown in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

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