What are the best podcasts for specialty coffee roasters?

Janice Kanniah
July 26, 2021
coffee podcasts

Over the last few years, podcasts have grown to become one of the most popular forms of media. According to recent statistics, an estimated 100 million people listen to a podcast each month, with subjects ranging from news and sport to comedy and true crime.

As well as being a source of entertainment, podcasts have become a useful way for people to develop their knowledge of a particular industry and keep abreast of the latest trends. Their accessibility and ease of use mean they can complement whatever you may be doing, whether walking the dog, driving to work, or getting ready for bed.

For specialty roasters, podcasts offer an opportunity to improve not only their roasting skills, but also their understanding of the coffee sector. There are dozens of shows focused on topics ranging from production and processing to roasting and brewing.

Here are some of the best coffee-related podcasts you should be listening to.

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keys to the shop podcast

Keys to the Shop

Keys to the Shop is an interview-based podcast hosted by experienced barista, trainer, manager, and consultant, Chris Deferio.

Chris launched the podcast in 2018 with the aim of providing coffee service professionals with resources that could help them grow their businesses and careers. It’s delivered in a format that’s generally more accessible than most educational courses, which can be costly or exclusive.

In each episode, he interviews subject experts to provide listeners with practical insights. This includes roasting best practices, increasing revenue, specialty drinks, and customer service. Although it’s centred on US companies, its “Founder Friday” series profiles roasters, baristas, and business owners from around the world.

Keys To The Shop is great for specialty roasters who are trying to grow their business as it offers coverage on sustainability, managing finances, and HR as well as in-depth roasting advice.

coffee roaster warm up sessions

Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions

Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions is a podcast run by brothers and joint owners of Washington-based Mirror Coffee Roasters, Mark and Sergei Kutrovski. The name of the podcast refers to the time they spend discussing roasting each day as they wait for their roaster to warm up. 

In each episode, Mark and Sergei cover the various aspects of running a roastery, from buying green coffee to making it through the first year. They also focus on how roasters can benefit the world, such as through buying ethically sourced coffee and using social media to spread positivity.

Consisting of informal discussions and occasional interviews, Coffee Roaster Warm Up Sessions offers specialty roasters a unique and intimate insight into the journey of starting a roastery and navigating the industry sustainably.

specialty coffee association podcast

SCA podcast

If you want to stay up to date with the latest coffee industry developments, scientific findings, and educational lectures, there are few better resources than the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) podcast.

Comprising 100 episodes spanning several years, the SCA podcast features insight on everything from sustainability at origin to coffee market trends, all told in a variety of lectures, interviews, news broadcasts, and more. You can also find insight on major figures in the sector, as well as profiles of the most successful companies.

One of the main draws of the SCA podcast is the detail with which it covers technical topics. For example, one episode explores the profitability constraints of smallholder producers in Guatemala, going into significant detail on leaf rust, volcanic eruptions, and price fluctuations. 

The podcast is essential listening for roasters who want to stay up to date on developments in the international coffee industry and learn about how various issues could have an impact on roasting in the future.

the coffee podcast

The Coffee Podcast

Since launching in 2015, The Coffee Podcast has grown to become one of the most acclaimed coffee podcasts in the world, with more than 160 episodes featuring appearances from a whole host of celebrities.

Each episode revolves around a conversation with an industry expert who will cover a specific topic, including sourcing, brewing, and roasting. However, it also explores more contentious issues relevant to those in the sector, such as sustainability and the experience of black people in coffee.

The Coffee Podcast offers an easy-listening experience thanks to its founder and host, Jesse Hartman, and is just as suited to fledgling roasters as it is to established ones looking to build on their knowledge of the industry.

a better table

A Better Table

While not aimed specifically at roasters, A Better Table is a must-listen for anyone who wants to stay clued up on the latest issues affecting the coffee industry. 

Hosted by award-winning journalist and author of Not Wasting Coffee, Umeko Motoyoshi, the show’s topics span producer rights at origin to labour organising in the modern coffee workforce.

Motoyoshi’s forthright style helps challenge convention and unlock ways of building a better future for the industry as a whole – aims that should be high on the agenda of all specialty roasters.

coffeeis me

Coffee Is Me

Coffeeis Me is a podcast that focuses on opportunities in the coffee industry and offers advice on a range of topics, from roasting to cupping. It’s hosted by Valerian Hrala, co-founder of online training platform CoffeeCourses, and Marcus Young, an SCA trainer, licensed Q grader, and World Barista Competition judge.

In each episode, the pair invite questions from listeners and offer up their opinions, experience, and industry insight in response. 

What sets Coffeeis Me apart from other shows is that the hosts are able to offer their real life experiences alongside practical tips to help coffee professionals successfully grow their businesses.

For specialty coffee roasters, it’s important to always be on the lookout for ways of improving your knowledge, not just of roasting but the industry as a whole. Podcasts offer a great way of bolstering your understanding of a range of topics, from production to sustainability.

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Janice Kanniah
Janice Kanniah

Janice is freelance writer based in South Africa and has written for MTPak Coffee since 2020. Her interests are in writing about sustainability, the circular economy, and the future of the environment.

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