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August 23, 2021
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While it may seem relatively unimportant, the type of pouch you choose for your coffee can have a significant impact on the success of your product. It can help showcase brand identity, attract new customers, and boost brand recognition.

However, it’s not just about aesthetics – the functionality of coffee pouches also has a considerable effect on purchasing decisions. After all, the role of packaging is first and foremost to protect and transport the product within. If the pouch fails on these counts, or proves difficult to use and store, it could end up affecting future sales.

Whether selling coffee online or in grocery stores, taking the time to find the right pouch should be high up on the agenda of all specialty roasters. Here are some of the most popular coffee bag types to consider.

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The sturdy base of stand up pouches makes them difficult to knock over

Stand up pouches

What are they?

Lightweight, flexible, and space-efficient, stand up pouches are used for everything from cashew nuts to bath salts. They have a W-shaped gusset at the bottom, which can be unfolded to form a sturdy base.

Stand up pouches for coffee tend to have features such as spouts or resealable zippers, while most will use a degassing valve to preserve the freshness of the product inside. 

For added convenience, specialty roasters can also choose to include a tear notch, or “easy tear” option, to make opening the coffee as simple and efficient for customers as possible.

At MTPak Coffee, stand up pouches are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes, making them a highly versatile option. They are particularly popular for small bags of sample coffee thanks to their low cost and easy storage.

Advantages of stand up pouches

The free-standing quality of stand up pouches have long made them a favourite for packaging coffee. Not only do they “shine” on the shelf, they also look great on the kitchen counter, providing a great advert for the coffee.

When filled, stand up can be placed on any flat surface and left without risk of topping over, an understated yet important factor for consumers. All too often, roasted beans are wasted as a result of an open bag being knocked and the contents spilling onto the floor.

As they use less material compared to other packaging options such as flat bottom pouches, stand up pouches are a more affordable choice, while their light-weight properties also make transporting and storing them more cost-effective.

Best for…

Specialty roasters who are just starting out tend to find stand up pouches an attractive option thanks to their relatively low cost. They can be used for the main product line, as well as for sample packs to help boost brand recognition and test the market.

While they don’t have the advertising space of side gusset and flat-bottom pouches, their free-standing qualities make them a great choice for grocery store shelves, while their narrow design makes them effective for home deliveries, too.

Side gusset pouches offer generous branding space for roasters

Side gusset pouches

What are they?

Side gusset pouches are a type of flexible packaging that have gussets along two sides, forming a box-like shape when opened. (A gusset is a piece of material used to add space and flexibility to packaging that folds flat when empty, but will open out when filled.)

When combined with a flat bottom, side gusset pouches offer a sturdy, flexible, and spacious bag with five printable sides.

Advantages of side gusset pouches

Side gusset pouches provide specialty coffee roasters with a great opportunity to stand out from competitors and communicate brand identity thanks to their ample branding space. 

When filled with coffee, the side gussets expand, revealing extra room on which roasters can connect with customers and showcase the quality of their product

This additional advertising space can be used to showcase a whole host of information, including the coffee’s origin, the people behind its production, the way in which it was processed, and its flavour notes in the cup.

Best for…

Side gusset bags are ideal for specialty roasters who want to showcase their branding.

When they have the addition of a flat-bottomed base, consumers are able to see at least one side of the branding whichever way up the bag is placed. 

This means that for roasters with strong visual branding, whether featuring colourful illustrations or a powerful back story, side gusset bags offer an excellent option.

Compared to paper boxes, flat bottom pouches use 30% less material

Flat bottom pouches

What are they?

A flat-bottom pouch is a five-sided, free-standing pouch with a flat, rectangular base. It has material for greater space and strength, known as gussets, on both the left and right side of the pouch, with a fastener on top.

Most flat bottom pouches are made with multiple layers to protect against external factors such as light, oxygen, moisture, and heat.

They are usually sealed with a pocket or top open zipper. Pocket zippers sit inside the bag and have a pull tab to open the pouch. Once the tab is removed, pressing the zipper reseals the pouch, helping prevent oxidation.

Advantages of flat bottom pouches

Versatile and spacious, flat bottom pouches are popular among those with a strong brand identity thanks to their large printable surface.

On the shelf, they act as an effective marketing tool for roasters, with a sturdy structure, flat front-facing side, and sufficient space for labels.

Best for…

While flat bottom pouches can work for home deliveries, they truly come into their own when sitting on a shelf thanks to their sturdy base and generous branding space.

Their narrow design also means they take up less space during storage, shelving, and transportation. Compared to paper boxes, they use 30% less material, making them a good option for roasters looking to reduce waste.

For information about our sustainable coffee bags, contact our team.

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