A guide to creating specialty coffee bundles

Josephine Walbank
April 21, 2022
specialty coffee bundles

Coffee is the gift that keeps on giving, and those working in the specialty sector are constantly finding innovative ways to excite and entice customers.

Including specialty coffee bundles in their product range can help roasters boost sales while improving brand recognition and customer satisfaction.

Typically bought as gifts, bundles allow businesses to group complementary items together and market them as a single product. However, many consumers may choose to purchase one for themselves as it is a convenient and cost-effective way to try new products.

For roasters, specialty coffee bundles can help increase profit margins and expand their customer base. Furthermore, by pairing popular products with those that are harder to sell, roasters can move excess stock.

Read on to find out how roasters can create marketable specialty coffee bundles.

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specialty coffee bundles

What is a specialty coffee bundle?

Traditionally, bundles include a range of different products from one brand. These items are then packaged and sold together.

From a consumer’s perspective, bundles allow them to purchase a ready-made gift at a fraction of the time, and often, at a lower cost. This is because consumers do not have to spend hours purchasing multiple items from different places, and then wrapping them.

Roasters can use specialty coffee bundles in several ways. For example, they are an effective way to introduce new customers to the sector.

These bundles can be given as gifts to those who enjoy coffee but have not yet ventured into specialty coffee or home brewing. It should contain everything they need to try home brewing for the first time, such as a selection of coffees and basic brewing equipment.

Usually, the bundles would consist of two or three coffees, each with distinctive properties such as roast profiles, tasting notes, or different origin countries. This allows the recipient to experiment and take note of what makes each coffee unique.

Roasters can also offer newcomers a cost-effective bundle to help introduce them to at-home coffee brewing. Coupled with the coffee selection, these bundles can include a V60 and filter papers.

Alternatively, if roasters wish to offer a bundle at a higher price point, they could include a small coffee grinder, a French press, standard pour over equipment, or even a Chemex.

For those who are already familiar with the specialty coffee sector, roasters can offer bundles that showcase unique coffees. Instead of brewing equipment, these bundles can include a detailed guide on each coffee’s characteristics.

These particular bundles are ideal for customers who know someone who loves coffee, but are unsure of what to buy them.

Through these informative bundles, consumers can learn how to brew at home and enjoy learning about what makes specialty coffees unique.

However, roasters who are considering adding specialty coffee bundles to their product range must ensure they have tailored the products to suit each niche.

sustainable coffee bags

Why do roasters offer specialty coffee bundles?

Offering specialty coffee bundles is an effective way for roasters to up-sell products and may help generate larger sales.

Plus, as they are often used as gifts, coffee bundles can help expand brand awareness to a wider audience. This is because roasters can connect to the customer who purchased the bundle, as well as the person who receives it as a gift.

Another key benefit of these bundles is they may help roasters establish the authority of their business. This can be done by catering to all their customers’ needs as a one-stop shop for specialty coffee products.

Additionally, these bundles can help roasters sell coffee offerings that are considered less popular without having to advertise a sale or make the product look less desirable.

Plus, roasters may be able to make a good markup on such products – particularly if they are selling products such as V60 filter papers.

As a result, specialty coffee bundles enable roasters to increase profit margins while opening up additional revenue streams.

In essence, these bundles allow roasters to up-sell products, increase brand awareness, and clear stock, all while creatively meeting customer’s needs.

What to consider before offering specialty coffee bundles

Before launching a selection of specialty coffee bundles, roasters must first consider who they are trying to target.

Items to include

If roasters are targeting coffee beginners, it is important to gear the bundle towards the equipment they are likely to have at home. This way, the customer does not have to go out and buy additional items before they can sample the coffee.

For example, it is recommended the beginner specialty coffee bundles include a pre-ground option. This is because it is unlikely these customers will have their own grinder.

Providing the option to buy a V60 along with filter papers is also a good way to get people started with specialty coffee.

What coffee to offer

While a “funky” experimental-processed coffee might appeal to some, it could put off those who are relatively new to specialty coffee.

As such, it might be better to ease consumers in with a more familiar coffee, such as a nutty medium roast. This may also increase the chances of a repeat sale.

Alternatively, when designing a bundle for specialty coffee enthusiasts, roasters can use it as an opportunity to focus on other aspects of the coffee, such as its provenance, variety, and processing methods.

Offering the choice between an espresso bundle and a filter bundle is also a good idea as not all customers will have the same brewing equipment.

Choice of packaging

When it comes to packaging, it is important to remember these bundles are considered to be gifts. Therefore, they will need to look stylish and elegant.

For beginner bundles, the packaging must be strong enough to protect the brewing equipment inside. Therefore, the packaging must be designed in a way that fits all the items into a single box for easy handling and shipping.

Additionally, roasters may want to include an option of pre-wrapping the bundle if it is to be sent as a gift. This is highly convenient for customers and presents another opportunity to increase a roaster profit margins.

That being said, if a roaster already offers a coffee subscription service or a blind tasting box, it may be beneficial to ensure the packaging for the bundles is completely different. This can help make customers feel as though they are receiving added value.

recyclable coffee bags

It is important to realise that without careful planning, these bundles may require more packaging to protect the contents during transit.

Roasters who already use recyclable packaging or sustainable coffee bags in their usual product range should ensure this extends to the bundles.

Sustainable packaging materials will further appeal to the majority of customers. For instance, one study revealed nine out of ten people are concerned about the current state of the environment, with 83% of those surveyed actively taking part in some kind of recycling.

At MTPak Coffee, we can provide you with sustainable packaging specifically designed for your specialty coffee bundles. Our range is made from materials that are renewable and environmentally friendly, such as kraft and rice paper, and we offer recyclable PLA and LDPE linings to help preserve your coffee’s freshness.

Furthermore, we can help tap into your creativity and design packaging that informs, educates, and entertains consumers – leaving them wanting more. Our sustainable water-based inks are low in volatile organic compounds, making them compostable and easy to remove for recycling.

Our inks can be used on the interior or exterior of coffee bags to maximise brand space, and they are highly resistant to abrasion, water, and heat.

For more information on our sustainable coffee bags, contact our team.

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