How can video marketing help specialty coffee roasters?

Josephine Walbank
May 3, 2022
video marketing

Video marketing has become one of the most powerful tools available to businesses, allowing them to engage with wider target markets.

As the name suggests, it refers to creating short videos that can be viewed and shared among millions of online users. Video marketing is commonly seen across digital platforms such as websites, ecommerce adverts, and social media.

The increasing popularity of mobile video apps such as TikTok and Instagram Reels has opened up new marketing avenues for roasters and cafe owners. By creating innovative video content, they can include customers in the sourcing of green coffee, roasting, blending, and brewing processes.

This type of engagement can help improve customer loyalty, encourage sales, and increase brand awareness. According to Forbes, companies who use video content may experience a 41% increase in traffic through web searches.

To find out how roasters can use video marketing, I spoke with the social media manager at PDG Media, Marumbo Mughogho.

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video content

Why is video marketing on the rise?

Over the last four years, average weekly online video consumption has risen by 44.7%. From 10.5 hours per week in 2018, the average viewer now watches 19 hours of online videos every single week.

A recent report by Business Insider reveals 97.8% of 18 to 24 year old American internet users class themselves as “digital video viewers”. This implies the majority of the online content they consume is in video format. The second-highest age group, coming in at 96.2% is those aged between 12 and 17 years old.

The report reveals those aged 65 years and older watch the least amount of online videos. However, this group is likely to grow in viewerships as older users begin adopting digital video viewing habits.

There are clear indications the video marketing trend is set to rise even further. At least 86% of audiences claim they would like to see brands increase their video content.

“Video content has taken the world by storm and shows no signs of stopping,” says Marumbo, who is also a client and engagement manager. “Each social media platform has integrated video content and is putting a stronger focus on it. With this push, roasters will have more access to their community if they post videos.”

Notably, video-based content generates a 1,200% higher share rate than text or image-based content combined. This steady increase in online traffic has seen 86% of businesses adopt videos as a marketing tool.

coffee roasters video marketing

Why should roasters try video marketing?

One of the major benefits of modern video marketing is that it puts the power back into the hands of small business owners. 

Additionally, social media has created an even playing field for small businesses. It allows them to share a global marketing platform with well-known brands and celebrities. Each user has one goal in mind: to share creative content that is fun to watch.

Enjoyment and audience engagement are just some of the reasons video marketing has become so popular.

Many customers see videos as a more engaging medium – they are often short, entertaining and easy to understand.

A 2021 survey by Wyzowl reveals 94% of marketers say video content helps their brand increase consumers’ understanding of their product or service.

“Video content is more engaging for customers,” Marumbo says. “For roasters, It allows them to share detailed information, such as flavour notes, while helping customers learn more about specialty coffee.”

Video marketing allows specialty coffee business owners to take charge of their marketing initiatives and ensure their digital image resonates with who they are as a company.

coffee video marketing

How roasters can use video marketing 

Video marketing can be an affordable and easy way for many roasters to introduce customers to their daily business routines.

Create niche content

When it comes to creating social media videos, Marumbo advises roasters to be specific.

“Stick to a niche market, as most video platforms favour accounts that target specific audiences. If you are able to keep customers on your channel for longer, your content is more likely to be boosted. This allows more customers to find you online.”

She adds that roasters should give the roastery an online personality. “Social media users love to see the personal side of a business. Creating content that shows customers what happens “behind the scenes” of the coffee business can help them get to know the business on a personal level.

“We have seen brands be successful with video content when they use it to connect with the community, instead of using it purely as a marketing tool.”

Be authentic

Another key reason why video marketing generates such impressive results is because it is authentic. This particular form of content is naturally imperfect, making it more relatable.

The relaxed, informal, and chatty nature of social media means that brands are able to create a more personalised digital presence. Typically, authenticity, humour and informality are a great way to resonate with online viewers.

Take Duolingo’s TikTok feed as an example. They are a global brand, but their TikTok is filled with casual, witty videos that show the company doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It’s a prime example of how simple, homemade videos can reach big marketing metrics.

Embrace online trends

The term trends is often associated with video marketing. A “tend” often refers to a subject that experiences a surge in popularity on one or more social media platforms for a limited time.

For instance, a trend could revolve around a popular song, a dance move, or popular recipes. The dalgona coffee trend is a prime example. During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, it experienced a monumental surge in popularity. Almost overnight, dalgona coffee became the most-searched coffee drink in the world.

For example, some of the biggest trends to emerge from the roasting and specialty coffee scene have been home-brew videos. These often include videos of latte art and pour over methods involving Chemexes.

These types of videos can be easy for roasters to duplicate, allowing them to piggyback off of the current trend.

“It can be difficult to develop a trend, especially as the specialty coffee scene on TikTok and Instagram is still relatively small,” Marumbo says. “Therefore, joining popular trends can help increase your digital presence.”

Be informative

Videos that explain a process are another popular choice for branded content.

For instance, roasters can use video content to explain roast methods and profiles, coffee origins, tasting notes, and other specialty topics.

Content of this nature may help attract new customers while still being relatable to existing consumers.

Marombo recommends that roasters spend time on various social media platforms in order to follow, understand, and replicate video trends.

“Don’t be afraid to piggyback off trends that are unrelated to coffee, and adapt them to your roastery. For example, there is a recent trend that features a popular song. The videos consist of people showing how they get ready for the day.

“As a roaster, you can replicate this video and show how you set up the roastery for the day, and explain what a day in your business is like.”

Additionally, roasters can use video content to educate consumers about environmentally-friendly practices, such as sustainable coffee packaging and how to dispose of it correctly.

recyclable coffee bags

Essentially, it is best that roasters tie their content into a particular niche so they can attract the audience they want. Furthermore, you can see what kind of videos your desired audience engages with, and replicate that content.

At MTPak Coffee, our Education Centre is full of information on marketing, packaging and roasting trends that can help roasters set their business apart.

Additionally, we offer a range of sustainable coffee packaging that is made from renewable and environmentally friendly materials such as kraft and rice paper. We also offer recyclable PLA and LDPE linings to help preserve your coffee’s freshness.

For more information on sustainable coffee bags, contact our team.

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