MTPak Coffee becomes a proud member of the SCA

Tori Taylor
January 31, 2023
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The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has a powerful influence across all aspects of the coffee supply chain. 

Formed in January 2017, the SCA has built a membership of thousands of coffee farmers, roasters, baristas, and cafe owners. In essence, the body aims to unite coffee professionals under the shared goal of achieving higher success for the sector. 

As its membership comprises professionals who contribute to the supply chain, the SCA is a platform that helps the sector further its knowledge, innovation, and expertise. 

Through the SCA, members can gain insight into industry trends and developments. Additionally, members are able to contribute to industry standards and best practices, which is essential to securing the future of specialty coffee. 

MTPak Coffee is proud to announce the brand has recently become a member of the SCA. 

Discover more about the SCA, and how we aim to use our membership to help boost sustainability in the sector. 

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Why was the SCA formed?

In 1982, a group of coffee professionals formed the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). 

This provided the local industry with a common platform on which issues could be discussed and quality standards for the specialty coffee trade could be set.

Across the ocean in 1998, the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) formed during a meeting of representatives of the local coffee community. 

By 2016, both organisations boasted a combined membership of almost 10,000 and supported a thriving network of volunteer-led chapters across Europe. 

Then, in January 2017, the organisations united to form the SCA as it is known today, combining the rich history of both sides of the Atlantic and around the world.

The SCA aims to aid global coffee communities and support activities that help make coffee a more sustainable, equitable, and flourishing industry for all players along the supply chain.

Through world-class events, ground-breaking research initiatives, and education platforms, the SCA helps to inspire the community and promote engagements between players. 

The organisation’s global network and various education programmes create ideal opportunities for professional engagement and individual growth. 

Additionally, all members have unlimited access to all resources and research, thanks to the organisation’s website.

An image of a coffee roaster pouring filter coffee into a glass jug in an article on MTPak Coffee SCA Membership.

The importance of upholding SCA standards

Since its inception, the SCA has developed certain standards for specialty coffee. 

These refer to documents that define the requirements adopted by those within the specialty coffee industry. 

Standards are highly effective tools for those in the coffee industry, as they are trusted references established by experts in each field. 

SCA standards are high-quality recommendations based upon scientific findings agreed upon by qualified industry professionals who set values or ranges of values for coffee. 

The SCA has developed several standards around green coffee, roasting, and cupping. Additionally, the organisation has released standard protocols for grinders and grind size, as well as water for cupping and brewing coffee. 

Standards also include definitions or vocabulary to create a common language for the industry.

Essentially, these standards are in place to ensure the continued, consistent success of coffee producers, roasters, and baristas. 

In the SCA, standards are drafted by the Standards Development Panel, which also liaises with stakeholders, as well as specific groups of experts in that field. 

This results in an “SCA Standard” document, which is then published for the industry and revised periodically to ensure its effectiveness.

An image of a coffee roaster weighing roast coffee to packaging it using sustainable coffee packaging, in white coffee bags, white LDPE coffee bags in an article on MTPak Coffee SCA membership

MTPak Coffee becomes a proud member of the SCA

A recent report reveals sustainability remains the number-one topic across the packaging value chain, with corporations setting ambitious targets to improve their performance.

More so, a 2022 survey found 86% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand if the packaging is considered sustainable.

Notably, a survey done by McKinsey & Company discovered more than half of US consumers are highly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging.

As coffee consumption reached a two-decade high in January 2022, it is clear roasters must do all they can to mitigate the environmental impact of their coffee packaging.

As a member of the Specialty Coffee Association, MTPak Coffee can offer players across the industry a variety of sustainable packaging options. 

More so, our membership gives us the ability to help shape the future of the association and the specialty coffee industry.

As a member of the SCA, we aim to highlight the importance of sustainability and renewable packaging materials across the sector. We aim to educate all players, from producers to baristas, about ethical business practices and a circular economy.

From stock packaging for green beans to eco-friendly custom-printed bags for roast coffee, MTPak Coffee can help roasters and cafes move to more sustainable packaging materials. 

A circular economy is a closed-loop system in which waste is eliminated and resources are in continual use. The aim is to limit the environmental impact of products, equipment, and infrastructure by improving their productivity, as opposed to a linear economic system of “take, make, and dispose”.

With our sustainable coffee packaging materials and components, our mission is to promote a circular economy in the coffee industry.

This is achieved through our compostable materials such as kraft paper, and polylactic acid (PLA), and our recyclable materials which include kraft paper, rice paper, PLA, and low-density polyethylene (LDPE). Our degassing valves are also fully recyclable.

Inspired by the specialty coffee industry’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, MTPak Coffee offers high-quality, custom-printed coffee packaging made from recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable materials.

We offer a complete range of coffee pouches and bags, along with drip filter coffee bags, packaging labels, takeaway cups, and custom coffee boxes in a variety of sizes.

Our range of 100% recyclable coffee packaging options is made from renewable materials such as kraft paper, rice paper, or multilayer LDPE packaging with an environmentally friendly PLA lining.

Our coffee mailer boxes can be customised to your specifications, including debossing, embossing, and custom printing using digital printing technology. 

MTPak also offers a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) on both recyclable and traditional options.

Our services include an expert design team, high-quality flexographic, rotogravure, and digital printing, as well as fast delivery.

For more information on sustainable coffee packaging, or our SCA membership, contact our team.

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