How can custom-printed roll stock benefit roasters?

Nuvin Sithanen
February 8, 2023
cafe direct roll stock flexible coffee packaging

Flexible packaging is dominating the global packaging market. 

Notably, a recent report shows the global flexible packaging market is expected to reach $315.5 billion by 2027. This growth can largely be attributed to an increased demand for convenient and sustainable packaging solutions. 

One form of packaging that is particularly popular in the coffee industry is custom-printed roll stock. 

Typically characterised by its non-rigidity and versatility, roll stock is often used to protect and transport a variety of goods, including chocolate bars, juice pouches, and single-use detergents.

In addition to being affordable, convenient, lightweight, and hygienic, it offers specialty roasters a versatile surface on which to print their designs and attract customers.

Discover how switching to custom-printed roll stock for coffee packaging can benefit specialty roasters. 

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What is custom roll stock? 

Custom roll stock is a type of flexible packaging that is used across several industries, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. 

Roll stock, also referred to as printed rewind rolls or film rolls, are ready-to-use rolls of printed and laminated film. This flexible film can be transformed into coffee bags, pillow pouches, sachets, and more. 

Typically, roll stock is produced through a process called extrusion. During this process, plastic pellets or granules are melted down before being forced through a die to create a continuous sheet. 

After the sheet has cooled, it is cut to size and wound into rolls for storage and transportation. 

To create coffee packaging, roll stock can be fed into a vertical or horizontal form fill seal (FFS) machine where it is filled and sealed to form individual bags. 

The process is fast and efficient, allowing for several coffee bags to be produced quickly.

Furthermore, coffee bags made using roll stock can be customised with various features to meet the specific needs of the roaster. These include tear notches, resealable zippers, and degassing valves.

roll stock flexible coffee packaging

How environmentally friendly is custom roll stock coffee packaging? 

It is important to note that the traditional manufacturing process for roll stock can have a significant environmental impact. 

It involves the use of plastic materials, and due to the melting and extrusion processes, it can be energy-intensive. 

Some common concerns around the manufacturing of roll stock include the release of greenhouse gases, and increased plastic waste if the coffee bags end up in a landfill. 

That said, advancements in packaging materials and production technologies mean environmentally friendly alternatives are available. 

Many manufacturers now use sustainable materials to produce roll stock. These include biodegradable or compostable materials and plant-based bioplastics, such as polylactic acid (PLA).  

Bioplastics refer to materials that are at least partially made from natural and non-fossil components and are biodegradable.

PLA is made by fermenting carbohydrates from renewable sources such as maize, cornstarch, and sugar cane. Therefore, it is a non-toxic and compostable material, making it a widely used and highly successful packaging material.

In addition, PLA has low production costs, high environmental credentials and is incredibly versatile.

As roll stock is lightweight and uses less material than rigid packaging, it is often considered a sustainable form of packaging. 

Customising roll stock is also considered environmentally friendly, as it is often done using digital printing. 

Digital printing is able to apply water-based inks to a range of sustainable substrates.

These substrates include recyclable and biodegradable materials, such as kraft paper, rice paper, (PLA), and low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

More so, digital printing produces less waste, requires less energy, and allows for more precise and detailed printing.


How can roasters benefit from switching to custom-printed roll stock?

Investing in custom roll stock offers a number of benefits for coffee roasters. 

One of the most obvious benefits is the ease with which roll stock can be customised. Custom-printed coffee bags allow roasters to showcase their brand in a way that stands out on the shelf. 

The use of eye-catching colours, enticing text, and high-quality graphics across coffee packaging can help increase brand awareness and mindshare. 

Switching to custom-printed roll stock can also help roasters save on packaging costs. Due to its versatility, it can be ordered in different sizes and shapes, as well as purchased and stored in bulk.

More so, printed roll stock can be used as single-layer packaging or multi-laminate structures. This ensures the packaging provides a superior barrier against oxygen, UV light, moisture, odours, and other factors that can damage coffee beans and shorten their shelf life.

Lastly, using roll stock as a form of packaging ensures a quick turnaround time, as the production process to create bags is so fast due to the form-fill-seal machine. 

Custom-printed roll stock coffee packaging can be an environmentally friendly, highly cost effective option for coffee roasters. 

By choosing custom roll stock packaging, coffee roasters can reduce their environmental impact while still protecting the quality of their products.

MTPak Coffee offers fully customisable roll stock that can be transformed into high-quality, sustainable, flexible packaging for coffee roasters. 

Our custom-printed roll stock features high-quality images and a design that keeps even the smallest details crisp and crystal clear. 

Our film rolls are available in a wide range of materials, colours, and layers.

Clients can choose from single-layer packaging or multi-laminate structures, as both packaging options provide excellent barrier protection. 

Furthermore, we have several customisation options available. We use various printing methods, including digital printing, to ensure high-definition printing on our roll-stock coffee packaging. 

Notably, compared to conventional printing, eco-friendly digital printing methods consume less energy and resources thanks to reduced setup costs. 

Additionally, it allows us to custom-print on biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable films. 

To elevate your roll stock packaging, you can also choose add-ons:

  • Transparent or clouded windows.
  • Metalised, holographic, glossy, or matte films.
  • Spot embellishments, such as embossing or hot stamping.

We are able to fully customise your rewind film rolls according to your specifications, regardless of whether you use an automatic or manual machine or a contract packer for your packaging.

We also offer low minimum order quantities (MOQs) to micro-roasters who are looking to remain agile while showcasing brand identity and a commitment to the environment.

For more information on custom-printed roll stock, contact our team

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Nuvin Sithanen
Nuvin Sithanen

Nuvin is a specialty coffee professional with experience in a variety of sectors in the industry, including green coffee sourcing and coffee equipment distribution. He is actively involved in the South African coffee industry, providing coffee beans and equipment to both home baristas and businesses.

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