Paper tubes: Cylinder packaging can help increase product value

Hayley Osbourne
June 23, 2023
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According to the International Coffee Organisation (ICO), global coffee consumption increased by 4.2% between 2021 and 2022 – with Europe and North America accounting for around half this volume. Consumption rates are expected to continue rising, particularly in emerging markets such as Asia and the Middle East, and the global market is becoming more consolidated

Increased global consumption has led to growth in the coffee roasting industry. This is also driven by increased interest in specialty coffees and the demand for specialty coffee roasters. To stand out in an increasingly competitive market, roasters must find innovative ways to package their products. 

Alongside customised recyclable cans, paper tube packaging is on the rise for a number of reasons. In addition to being recyclable and reusable, cylinder packaging can be fully customised, making them a creative way to intrigue customers.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of using paper tubes to package roast coffee. 

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Why use cylinder packaging?

Paper tubes comprise recycled paper or paperboard sheet layers that are wound together to form strong, hollow cylindrical shapes. The thickness of the cylinder depends on the number of layers wrapped during manufacturing. The last phase of the process is to laminate or bond the layers together with adhesives. 

Paper tube packaging usually features end caps or lid closures for easy access to the items inside. Usually, cylinder packaging is used to hold like-shaped products, such as cosmetic products or wine bottles, as well as posters or prints. More recently, specialty coffee roasters have been using custom-printed tubes to package roasted coffee. 

The high-end and unique look of the customised tubes can help elevate a brand to look more luxurious. Additionally, cylinder packaging can make the unboxing experience more exciting for the consumer, especially when they are branded on the exterior. 

More so, tube packaging can be customised by adding a waterproof liner to the exterior or interior. By doing so, the coffee beans will be unaffected by the damaging effects of oxygen and moisture. Several roasters are using paper tubes, including Kiwi Garden Coffee Roasters and Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

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What are the benefits of using paper cylinders to package coffee?

Paper cylinders are a rigid alternative to coffee bags, reducing the risk of dents or damage during transit. Plus, they are eco-friendly as they are biodegradable and recyclable, saving on energy use and resources. Providing consumers with sustainable packaging can give roasters a competitive edge in the market while reducing their carbon footprint. 

Additionally, cylinder packaging is lightweight and easy to transport, as multiple tubes can be stacked above one another. This helps roasters save on packaging and transport costs. Additionally, paper tubes have a lower packaging cost compared to other alternatives, as the manufacturing process is less labour and capital-intensive. Roasters can further reduce these costs by using recycled paperboard instead of virgin fibreboard to create the tubes. 

Reduced packaging costs can help increase roasters’ profits and overall return on investment (ROI). Furthermore, a reduction in product price due to lower packaging costs can also give roasters a competitive edge. 

Most importantly, paper tubes are chemically inert and will not react with food, making them a safe packaging alternative for consumables, such as coffee.

Paper tubes are also fully customisable, allowing coffee brands to stand out to customers. Roasters can incorporate vibrant colours and branding elements on the tubes to leave a lasting impression on customers. Paper tubes can also be customised in shape and size, as per business requirements. 

By using unique-shaped coffee packaging, brands can help increase the perceived value of the product. This can help gain more brand awareness and lead to increased sales. 

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What to consider before investing in cylinder packaging for coffee

Roasters should have a high order minimum 

The general minimum order quantity for paper tubes is around 1000 to 5000 pieces, depending on the manufacturer. Otherwise, the unit packaging cost would be too high for the average roaster to afford. Therefore, paper tubes may be the less cost-effective option for those starting in the industry. 

Cylinder packaging often lacks airtight qualities

It is important to note that paper tubes often lack the airtight qualities of resealable bags and pouches. A metal end closure may help provide a better seal, however, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for these is a lot higher. As such, the best practice would be using Cylinder packaging as a secondary packaging for roasted coffee to ensure premium airtightness.

To reduce these cons, roasters are encouraged to think realistically about the cost-effectiveness of using paper tubes and to talk to an expert for advice. They are also encouraged to speak to design experts about the best way to ensure the paper tube remains airtight to keep the coffee in the best condition until it is consumed. MTPak Coffee is able to provide roasters with customisable paper tubes made from recyclable white or brown kraft paper. Our cylinder packaging for coffee is the perfect option for those looking to create a unique and personalised packaging experience for their customers. Our Cylinder packaging options are specifically designed to protect and add value to rare, microlot, and ultra-specialty coffees.

Furthermore, our printing process leverages low-energy, environmentally friendly inks. This gives you the ability to print as many colours as you need on your personalised tubes without incurring any additional setup costs or increasing your carbon footprint. This means you have complete control over the look and feel of your packaging – from the finish to additional features such as QR codes – allowing you to create a product that truly stands out on the shelves.

With unlimited sizing options and a range of materials to choose from, you can create a packaging solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our personalised paper tubes for coffee are sturdy, strong and able to withstand the rigours of shipping and storage, making them the perfect choice for your coffee packaging needs.

We also offer customisable coffee boxes that can help you achieve a unique and memorable identity for your brand. We offer a range of custom coffee mailer boxes of various sizes, and our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and are strong, durable, and weather resistant. These highly customisable and recyclable coffee boxes can be used for ecommerce sales, coffee subscriptions, blind-tasting boxes, and more.

For more information on unique and sustainable coffee packaging, contact our team

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