Is coffee packaging the most effective way to market your brand? 

Esther Gibbs
October 25, 2023
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Modern consumers now have access to almost anything they need within seconds. Thanks to innovations in technology, they’re able to find answers at the click of a button and order products to be delivered the very next day. 

In addition to investing in custom coffee packaging, how else can specialty coffee roasters stand out from the online competition? Additionally, how can they secure customers who have built high expectations of instant gratification and solutions?

This is where marketing becomes essential for specialty coffee roasters. Effective and consistent marketing can help coffee brands build brand loyalty, a stellar reputation, and a strong online presence. 

To learn more about how content marketing can help specialty coffee roasters boost their bottom line, I spoke with Jack Merriman, the content marketing manager at Bridge Coffee Roasters in the UK. 

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Beyond coffee bags: The keys to marketing specialty coffee

As a recent addition to the team at Bridge Coffee Roasters, Jack explains that it is his job to share the work and expertise going on at the brand. His first piece of advice for specialty coffee roasters is that marketing isn’t only about social media or paid advertising: it’s created through everything a business does. 

“At Bridge Coffee Roasters, our marketing doesn’t just come from the marketing team,” explains Jack, who has experience working as a barista. “It’s the responsiveness of our field service efforts, the quality of our customer service, and the expertise of our sales, roastery, and warehousing teams.”

“Everything we do and every touch point we have with our customers factors into how our brand is perceived. It’s the job of the marketing team to share it.” 

Essentially, marketing goes beyond a brand’s online presence or its eye-catching coffee bags. It’s ensuring everything behind those factors supports what the brand stands for. Furthermore, specialty coffee roasters must understand that staff members are also representatives of the brand and can impact how it is perceived.

Jack explains that marketing efforts at Bridge Coffee Roaster are focused on becoming educators and thought leaders in the industry. “We’ve bought into the content marketing strategy known as ‘They Ask, You Answer’, which was conceived by Marcus Sheridan.

The strategy advises brands to build trust by providing the content, resources, and honest unbiased advice that businesses and consumers are looking for. 

coffee packaging, custom coffee packaging, coffee bags, custom coffee bgas, coffee packaging marketing, marketing coffee,

Ensuring product information is available at a glance

Jack adds that Bridge Coffee Roasting has recently brought its content marketing in-house. “We’re doing our best to create and share resources in articles, in our YouTube videos, on social media, and through our newsletters.”

Notably, Jack has begun creating videos for the brand’s YouTube channel. These videos share interviews with staff, allowing customers to get to know the team. Additionally, the channel includes ‘unboxing videos’ and unbiased reviews of the machinery the brand sells, which outline the pros and cons of each product. 

This marketing avenue helps build consumer trust within the brand, as they learn more about the team and what drives them. Furthermore, honest reviews and product demonstrations show that the team wants what is best for their clients and is not simply after an easy sale. 

Marketing and sales often come hand in hand. Therefore, Bridge Coffee Roasters has ensured its customers have all the information they need at hand. “If a wholesale customer is on our website and can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll immediately leave and go to our competitors,” Jack explains. 

“They won’t bother to get in touch with us to find out, and we’ll immediately lose their attention and trust. Businesses can no longer get away with hiding information on pricing, or pretending their products and services are perfect and totally unique,” he adds. 

“So, we want to provide our potential customers with all of the information that they could need before having to speak with us.” 

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Sustainability that goes beyond coffee packaging

To ensure consumers have the information they need, specialty coffee roasters have to understand the customer journey. This includes who they are, what they need, and what pain points will stop them from making a purchase. 

Essentially, it is a marketer’s job to remove all the obstacles that prevent customers from communicating with the brand. 

Jack explains that Bridge Coffee Roasters has become transparent with its pricing and honest about the pros and cons of its services. “More so, we share videos and articles that answer some of the most common questions our customers have,” he adds. 

Jack also believes that social and environmental purposes should underpin everything a brand does. “You can have FairTrade logos on your coffee bags, and videos of the farm on your website, but it all has to trickle down into daily practices and conversations being had across the company.”

He adds that at Bridge Coffee Roasters, much of the marketing around the brand’s sustainability efforts is done by the sales team. “They are the ones having important conversations about where the coffee is coming from, what kind of efforts it supports, and the impact that customers can make through their buying decisions.”

A focus on sustainability in coffee marketing can inspire other businesses to do the same –

 particularly if it leads to increased sales. 

Jack believes that coffee brands that lead the way in sustainable marketing are likely to make the most impact. “More customers buy into their vision, which means additional profits go into their sustainable practices, which results in more money going back to the farmer,” he says. 

“Having said that, the only way the coffee industry is going to survive the next years of

climate change and societal impact is if shifts towards sustainable and renewable practices,” he adds.  

“I think marketing certainly plays a role, but fundamentally, it will be government intervention

that has to mandate the scale of change we need to see across all industries.”

Being a leader in the industry is about more than having high-quality coffee packaging. This must be paired with patient, dedicated staff who can answer questions are excited to share stories of the coffee origins, and care about the environmental impacts of the business. 

At MTPak Coffee, we understand how important it is for specialty coffee roasters to demonstrate their sustainability efforts to their consumers. This is why we offer a full range of eco-friendly coffee packaging options, including compostable coffee pouches, recyclable coffee bags, and compostable coffee packaging options. 

Images courtesy of Bridge Coffee Roasters

For more information on how to package your coffee sustainably, contact our team. 

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