Custom coffee bags for the festive season: What designs have hit the shelves?

Esther Gibbs
November 27, 2023
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The festive season is one of the busiest periods for businesses. The specialty coffee sector is no different and most brands have anticipated an influx of orders during this time, whether for merchandise, monthly subscriptions, limited edition products, and festive custom coffee bags. 

Defined as limited edition packaging associated with seasons or holidays, seasonal coffee bags can help create a sense of excitement around products. Beyond this, they’re also highly effective at pushing a brand to the forefront of consumers’ minds. 

In the coffee industry, customers widely recognise global brands, such as Starbucks, Costa, and Nescafé for their seasonal coffee packaging, which has become an annual topic of discussion. 

Having seen the benefits, more and more specialty coffee roasters have begun to follow suit. I spoke to Brian Kenny, the director at Silverskin Coffee Roasters about the brand’s exclusive seasonal packaging, and highlight some innovative custom coffee bags from others in the industry. 

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Festive red: A common colour for seasonal coffee bags

Hard Lines Coffee

Iconic to its brand, Hard Lines Coffee has chosen bright red coffee bags that feature its mascot mug logo. The mug mascot is wearing a jaunty Christmas hat, giving a cheeky wink, and holding mistletoe. 

More so, each coffee bag features a customised card that proclaims “Nadolig Llawen” – which is Welsh for “Merry Christmas”. This is just another way the brand showcases loyalty to its roots and encourages local consumers to support Welsh businesses and brands. 

For its festive offering, Hard Lines has an El Salvador and Colombia blend with flavour notes of sticky pudding. The unique packaging and tempting flavour notes help ensure the product will stand out as a limited edition option. 

Throughout the rest of the year, Hard Line’s coffee bags are usually white in colour. Each bag features a colourful label depicting faces pulling various expressions. That said, the brand’s minimalist and cost-effective solution for alternative Christmas packaging is guaranteed to capture consumer attention. 

Silverskin Coffee Roasters

In addition to offering seasonal custom coffee bags, Silverskin Coffee Roasters recently invested in sturdy, recyclable paper tubes with a fresh seal. The brand’s logo runs along the side of the tube from top to bottom, with the silver colour standing out on the black background. 

“The coffee cylinders are a labour of love,” Brian explains. “They’re 3 to 4 times the cost of coffee bags, but we wanted to do something completely different to our competitors. Bags tend to look fantastic on the internet and on Instagram, but when you get them in your hand, they never look as good in real life.”

Silverskin wanted to offer recyclable packaging that featured peel-fresh technology. This means when consumers open the canister, they still get that experiential whiff of coffee. Plus, it wanted distinctive packaging that highlighted the design. “Something superior and different,” Brian adds. Notably, in the last year and a half, many of the brand’s Google Reviews feature customers praising the innovation and recyclability of the canisters. 

In fact, a regular customer loved the canisters so much, his wife used them for a Christmas craft project at her school. Children used the coffee canisters to make decorations, penholders, and even a giant rocket. This led to Silverskin visiting the school to do a presentation on sustainability and recycling.

The brand’s reusable and recyclable cardboard tubes feature a bright red lid and vibrant illustrations of holly leaf cherry. For the festive period, the brand is offering a limited release of its whisky-aged coffee. 

This festive design is replicated across the brands’ flexible custom coffee bags. Silverskin Coffee Roasters uses the latest technology in order to pack beans immediately after roasting. The coffee bags comprise a bespoke composite film with thick aluminium layers and a one-way valve.

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Coffee boxes: The perfect companion for custom coffee bags

Danelaw Coffee 

When curating its Christmas blend, Danelaw Coffee chose natural coffees from Colombia and Mexico and washed coffees from Kenya and Rwanda. This combination offers consumers flavour notes of dried fruits and cranberry, with a sherry-like finish – much like a mince pie or Christmas pudding. 

To highlight the blend, the brand has chosen to reprint its standard, recyclable cardboard coffee boxes. The custom coffee boxes now have a red and green theme with a white trim that resembles a Christmas hat. This is complimented by the green label which highlights information about the coffee. 

More so, the brand has altered its logo slightly, transforming the ‘A’s into fine-line illustrations of Christmas trees. Notably, this simple yet effective design ensures the coffee boxes can be reused next season if not sold as the information on the label can be changed. 

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Flexible custom coffee bags that highlight milestones

Metropolis Coffee Company

Metropolis Coffee Company is celebrating 20 years of success with its Hullabaloo blend. The brand’s custom coffee bags for the blend feature a fantastic illustration of various people. The illustration on the coffee bags is something everyone can relate to when gathering together for the holidays: a mismatch of people gathering with cheer and an element of chaos. 

“Technically speaking, a Hullabaloo is a ruckus of some ilk. A commotion, hubbub, or fuss. Like a Hullabaloo, our Metropolis is occasionally a little loud and somewhat un-tranquil,” explains brand co-founder Tony Dreyfuss

The coffee itself is a blend of Mexican and Colombian coffees to give flavours “like a red velvet cupcake slathered in almond cream cheese frosting with a mulled wine backer,” Tony says. 

The packaging is a creative marker for the business’ milestone and a megaphone for its values. 

Seasonal and custom coffee bags are a highly effective way for specialty coffee roasters to gain mindshare, stay ahead of competitors, and stir excitement among consumers. However, it’s important that designs are not only eye-catching but also consistent with the company’s normal branding so as not to confuse consumers.

At MTPak Coffee, we can help you design the perfect seasonal coffee bags, from concept to delivery. Our team of expert designers will guide you through the process, ensuring your coffee bags or custom coffee boxes stand out on the shelf, attract attention, and adhere to your unique style.

Image courtesy of Metropolis Coffee Company.

For more information on custom coffee bags for your festive products, contact our team

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Esther Gibbs
Esther Gibbs

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