How custom coffee bags can help boost business during economic crisis

Holly Szakal
December 11, 2023
custom coffee bags, custom printed coffee bags, How Custom Coffee Bags Can Help Boost Business During Economic Crisis

Like most product packaging, coffee bags have transformed from simple storage solutions to powerful branding and communication tools. Innovative custom coffee bags and effective branding can have a significant influence on sales, revenue, and overall customer retention.

Notably, research consistently shows that consistent branding and product packaging can boost revenue growth by up to 20%. This positive influence indicates that custom coffee bags could be a lifeline for brands during times of economic crisis. 

During these times, many brands tend to cut costs and take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to product packaging. However, consumers interact with packaging daily. Therefore, custom coffee bags can become essential for brands that aim to stand out and boost sales. 

To better understand how custom coffee bags can help boost sales during times of economic crisis, I spoke with Aaron Olsen, co-owner of Handlebar Coffee Roasters in Santa Barbara. 

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Understanding customisation in coffee packaging

When hearing the term ‘customisation’, many tend to think only of the colour and designs on packaging. However, custom packaging is specifically tailored to the brands’ requirements and the goods it sells.

Essentially, it is packaging designed around the product to ensure it fits perfectly. This is compared to ready-made packaging that the product ‘might’ fit in. While customising packaging includes brand colours, logos, and graphics, it also refers to the size and shape of the bag or box. 

For instance, specialty coffee roasters can choose the size and dimensions of packaging to provide the beans with the best possible protection. Beyond this, custom coffee bags can make storing, packing, and shipping easier and more efficient. 

Custom coffee bags can make a positive and lasting impression on consumers. “A company has to do their best to attract the eye of the consumer,” explains Aaron, who is a former professional cyclist. He co-owns Handlebar Coffee Roasters alongside partner Kim Anderson, another professional cyclist. 

“Authenticity helps a great deal,” Aaron says. “We wanted our design and aesthetic to be simple and clean, with colours that are popular in the sport of cycling.” The brand uses black and white flat bottom coffee bags. Five brightly coloured stripes converge where the label sits and split the monochrome design. These stripes resemble the handlebars of a bicycle, tying the design to the brand name.

“Of course, the product inside has to speak volumes to the consumer,” Aaron explains. “But equally, the packaging can help the consumer make their first purchase. So, essentially, packaging has a great deal to do with a consumer making at least the first-time purchase.”

custom coffee bags, custom printed coffee bags, How Custom Coffee Bags Can Help Boost Business During Economic Crisis, Handlebar Coffee Roasters

Custom coffee bags: Boosting business during economic crisis

Customisation allows brands to build a deeper connection with their consumers. Beyond this, it can help increase levels of customer trust and loyalty while encouraging repeat sales. Studies show that even a 5% boost in customer loyalty can enhance profits by as much as 95% over an extended period.

Building a relationship with consumers can be essential for brands, particularly when general consumer spending habits change. Consumers who develop loyal connections to a brand are more likely to embrace new products despite their personal circumstances. These connections inject a level of consistency, even during harsh economic times.

So, how can specialty coffee roasters and cafes build this emotional connection with consumers? Aaron explains how Handlebar’s roastery and two bustling cafes have created that brand-to-consumer connection. 

“We want the consumer to feel as if they’re part of our brand,” he says, admitting it’s easier to do in the cafes. “This is because we get to connect with the guests personally. However, we try to reflect a clean, colourful, and thought-out coffee bag design that, hopefully, will be liked by not only the masses but also cycling enthusiasts.”  

A connection is formed when the consumer is influenced by the dependability, reliability, and overall trustworthiness of the brand itself. Therefore, specialty coffee roasters can use custom coffee bags to reflect and communicate who they are and what they stand for.

If executed effectively, custom coffee packaging with clear communication plays a huge role in building that long-term emotional connection.

From an aesthetic perspective, research shows visually appealing packaging design ranks as the primary catalyst for impulse purchases. Notably, approximately 60% of in-store shoppers are more inclined to buy if the packaging is appealing and creative.

custom coffee bags, custom printed coffee bags, How Custom Coffee Bags Can Help Boost Business During Economic Crisis,

Sustainable packaging at the core of specialty coffee 

The packaging materials chosen can also play a crucial role in whether a sale is made – particularly for those that market themselves as a sustainable business. A 2019 study found that customers take into account packaging elements such as shapes and materials when making a purchase.

In tough financial times, coffee roasters need to keep their product in the back of consumers’ minds. One of the most effective ways to do this is to invest in custom coffee bags. They should infuse a personal touch into their brand narrative and use their packaging to showcase their personality. 

An increasing number of consumers seek a connection with the knowledge, skill, and innovation embodied by the specialty coffee industry. Despite recent rising food and energy costs, as well as higher rates of inflation, some consumers are willing to pay higher prices for coffee – as long as it meets the required quality and sustainability standards.

Your coffee bags should help provide customers with the best experience while also having a minimal effect on the environment. Investing in renewable packaging materials, such as kraft or rice paper, low-density polyethylene (LDPE), or polylactic acid (PLA), can help boost the sustainability of the business.

At MTPak Coffee, we offer roasters and coffee shops a range of 100% recyclable coffee packaging options that can be custom-printed to your business specifications. Choose from renewable materials such as kraft paper, rice paper, or multilayer LDPE packaging with an environmentally friendly PLA lining, all of which minimise waste and contribute to a circular economy.

More so, we give you complete control over the design process by allowing you to build your own coffee bags. Our design team is available to help you create the ideal coffee packaging. Plus, we can custom-print coffee bags using innovative digital printing technology, with a quick turnaround and shipping time.

For more information on custom coffee bags, contact our team

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