Custom coffee bags with a sense of luxury: Victoriana Coffee Company

Holly Szakal
March 18, 2024
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While coffee bags play a crucial role in keeping the product fresh, their design communicates a brand’s aesthetic, values, and personality. As a finalist for the 2024 MTPak Coffee Packaging Design Awards, Ricardo Sandoval, the owner of Victoriana Coffee Company, explains how the combination of black and gold custom coffee bags perfectly portrays the brand. 

Colombia is a tapestry of vibrant colours and bustling activity. Here, coffee serves as the focal point of morning rituals for the locals. It was amidst these streets, filled with the smell of bold flavours, that Victoriana Coffee Company began.

“When we’d visit Colombia, we’d try different coffee shops and I was amazed by the kind service, quality of coffee, and methods that were brought to the table,” brand founder Ricardo explains. Fuelled by a desire to be part of this warm community, Ricardo and his partner Angela Arias (who is Colombian herself), took a deep dive into the world of coffee.

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The logistics of bringing a coffee brand to life

Ricardo and Angela were embraced by a community of passionate Colombian coffee lovers, who were eager to share their wealth of knowledge. “We were fortunate to meet incredibly nice people who were willing to share their expertise about the coffee industry,” Ricardo explains. 

The duo understood the importance of creating a visually striking brand that would entice consumers. The couple drew inspiration from their very own abode: a Victorian house built in 1880, that is filled with antiques. 

“I’ve been collecting antiques pretty much all my life,” Ricardo says. “The items that always grab my attention are the coffee cans from the [Victorian] period; the illustration of the advertisement, and the simplicity of communicating a clear message. These Victorian-era designs that I’ve seen many times across my own antiques strongly influenced the way we created and designed the brand.”

The brand logo embodies a profound narrative. It showcases a golden ‘V’ monogram adorned with the vibrant rays of sunrise, symbolising the dawn of new beginnings. Beneath the logo sits a scroll that features the brand name, and below that, the words “Sic Parvis Magna MMXXII”. Translated from Latin, the phrase “Greatness from small beginnings” perfectly encapsulates the brand’s story. 

“We admire the look of the 1800s coffee branding; how resourceful and creative they were designing it all by hand and having to draw instead of print,” Ricardo says. “So, we used modern techniques and software to create them. We spent hours, days, and weeks drawing until we could recreate it in Illustrator.”

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Creating custom coffee bags that reflect your brand

Ricardo reveals that the brand’s custom coffee bags feature hot foil stamping as a “gold seal of approval to mark the stellar quality of the beans inside. The matte charcoal and the antique metallic gold on top [showcase] the premium quality of the beans we carry.

“They are coffee beans from unique origins, that are bought directly from the farmers, and roasted [using a method] developed by one of the best master roasters in Colombia,” he says. The brand’s logo pays homage to the invaluable support received from a diverse array of individuals, ranging from local coffee aficionados to loyal consumers who have accompanied the team on their journey.

Ricardo further explains that the brand aims to inspire the same sense of wonder that led him and Angela into the world of coffee. “We want to guide each of our cherished customers through a realm of new flavours, captivating aromas, and unparalleled experiences. We’re here to be their companions on the quest for perfection in every sip.

“We believe that our coffee is more than just a beverage: It’s a connector of hearts, a creator of cherished moments, and the cornerstone of lasting memories. We invite [our customers] to pause, indulge, and savour a unique moment with each cup of Victoriana coffee.”

The brand invested in quad-seal coffee bags to showcase its intricate logo as well as additional information on the coffee and company. Each bag has a high-quality matte polypropylene film to protect and highlight the design. 

Underneath this lies a layer of transparent polyester, meticulously printed with inks that are compliant with FDA regulations for food contact. Providing a shield against detrimental elements, a layer of metallised polyester ensures protection from light, water, and oxygen. Finally, a layer of white polyethylene serves as a robust barrier against environmental factors, safeguarding the coffee within.

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Introducing custom coffee bags to the international market

Victoriana Coffee Company now has its sights on the US market, hoping to bring a taste of Colombia to Ricardo’s roots. “We’re still working on the US website. We have to learn so much, and we enjoy sharing that with our friends who want to enjoy the taste of high-quality Colombian coffee in the US,” says Ricardo.

“Colombian coffee is the most important part of our culture. It’s part of our DNA. So, we have a responsibility, and the privilege, to communicate and share information about it,” Ricardo explains.

Packaging design is one of the few forms of advertising a brand is likely to invest in outside of social media channels. Therefore, more brands are using the power of custom coffee bags to tap into a wider global market. While higher profits and increased revenue often come with challenges, understanding a few crucial elements can help mitigate their severity. 

Entering the international specialty coffee market requires a comprehensive approach. For example, it will require brands to reflect on the early days of researching the local target market – with a few additional things to consider.

They should begin by gaining a thorough understanding of the dynamics of the global market they’re attempting to target. This is vital, as cultural sensitivity is crucial when reaching out to an international audience. This includes understanding global design preferences and trends, as well as the behaviour of other competitors in the space. This term is called ‘internationalisation’ and refers to the creation of a culture-neutral branding message that can be used across many regions.

Understanding your international target market’s visual preferences can yield big results in return and deepen the consumer-brand connection. At MTPak Coffee, we can help you create custom coffee bags that ensure your move into the international market is successful.

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Images courtesy of Victoriana Coffee Company

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