What to consider when investing in drip coffee boxes

Holly Szakal
June 27, 2024
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Given the competitive nature of the specialty coffee market, product presentation and packaging are as crucial as the quality and display of the product itself. As innovations develop, drip coffee bags have been praised for their convenience and high-quality brews. As a result, this portable product is gaining mass traction globally among coffee enthusiasts and consumers. 

Modern coffee brands are constantly striving to capture consumer attention by any means possible. The design and functionality of drip coffee boxes are no exception. Several factors, from transparent windows to shape, size, and branding, can influence how consumers perceive the quality of your drip coffee boxes.

Therefore, brands must consider multiple elements before investing in these little boxes of luxury. These may include the type of seal, the box dimensions, various customisation options, and sustainability expectations. 

I spoke to industry expert Dylan Rickit of The Laughing Pug Coffee Co., who shares his experience with drop coffee boxes and recommendations for those looking to make the switch.

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Investing in drip coffee boxes: Size and shape

One should not perceive drip coffee boxes as just another container, as this vastly underestimates their powerful marketing and brand recognition power. These boxes are a vital communication tool between a brand and a consumer. Custom drip coffee boxes allow brands to convey important brand messaging or stories and reaffirm their commitment to delivering a high-quality specialty coffee experience. 

Therefore, drip coffee boxes must strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. This is to ensure the coffee remains fresh, provides convenience to consumers, and also showcases the brand’s message. 

Brands must strive to create packaging that stands out and meets the needs of coffee drinks. Coffee roasters must consider multiple crucial physical elements, such as the type of seal, box dimensions, and customisation options when deciding which drip coffee boxes to order. 

The Laughing Pug Coffee Co. is located in Burleigh Heads, in the northern state of Queensland, Australia. Owner Dylan explains how the brand has found that the ease of use, portability, and convenience of drip coffee boxes have been key factors in driving its success.

The ease of use, portability, and convenience of the drip coffee bag were the second most important reasons why The Laughing Pug was the first company to bring these convenient pour-over style drip coffee bags to Australia,” he says. 

“They are perfect for any Aussie on the go because they’re small enough to throw into a pack, purse, or even your pocket and make a perfect 200-ml coffee anytime, anywhere. All you need is a cup and some hot water.”

He continues, “That’s why we individually foil half a range of our drip bags so they can be taken out of the box and thrown in your pack for good coffee on the go.” 

However, Dylan notes the importance of considering the size and shape of your drip coffee boxes when they are in transit. “The size and shape of your drip coffee bag boxes can be an issue with postage as they are bulkier than when packed in a postage sachet, but it protects them from getting damaged in transit.” 

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Customising drip coffee boxes: What to consider

To properly convey a brand story to consumers, it’s essential to lean into customisation processes to gain higher brand recognition and offer a unique and luxurious experience. However, as mentioned, it is vital to balance aesthetic appeal and practical considerations to ensure success with drip coffee boxes. 

“Customising your packaging is important for brand recognition,” Dylan says. “But before you get too carried away, you have to think about how it will affect the coffee inside first and foremost.

“All packaging should be designed with the highest coffee shipping standards in mind and avoid known coffee killers like clear windows that can cause light exposure, which degrades the flavour of the coffee, and non-airtight packaging that oxidises your coffee and causes its flavour and freshness to erode quickly.”

Another very important consideration is the functionality of your drip coffee boxes. Essentially, the way they open and close. An adequately designed seal will help ensure the coffee inside remains fresh and prevent the outside elements, like air and moisture, from creeping in. 

As Dylan mentions, clear windows, while often very appealing in aesthetic terms, should be approached cautiously to avoid compromising the quality of your coffee. 

Working with packaging companies that offer common customisation techniques could also make the process much more efficient. Techniques such as embossing and hot foil stamping can add a much more premium feel to the packaging. These techniques can enhance brand appeal, making the boxes stand out immensely on shelves. 

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Understanding the popularity of drip coffee

In recent years, the drip coffee market has seen substantial growth. Notably, forecasts predicted the market value to reach around $3889.74million by 2030. This may be in part due to the growing desire for convenient, high-quality coffee. With the rise of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, the global drip coffee market is expected to continue expanding, with increasing demand for single-serve and portable coffee solutions.

Drip coffee boxes cater to consumers who crave this convenience and are not willing to sacrifice quality. Drip coffee bags are a quick and easy way to enjoy freshly brewed coffee without the need for expensive, specialised in-home equipment. 

Brands looking to offer consumers drip coffee boxes can capitalise on this growth by emphasising the quality and convenience of their products. Custom packaging not only protects the brew but also serves as powerful marketing communication to display a brand’s excellence.

MTPak Coffee provides drip coffee bags that are portable, compact and convenient for customers on-the-go. Portable, compact, and easy to use, our drip coffee bags and filters mean your clients can experience specialty coffee wherever they go, whenever they want. Our drip coffee bags are lightweight, tear-resistant, and highly customisable. Additionally, they come with recyclable and compostable material options. Our drip coffee bags can be packaged individually or in custom drip coffee boxes.

Complete the look of your exclusive offering with a custom-print coffee box. Made from 100% recycled cardboard, our coffee boxes can be fully customised to accurately reflect your brand, as well as your coffee’s characteristics. Using our innovative digital printing technology, our design team is able to custom-print on each side of the coffee box.

MTPak Coffee offers our clients a quick turnaround time of 40-hours and 24-hour shipping time. We also offer low minimum order quantities (MOQs) to micro-roasters who are looking to remain agile while showcasing brand identity and a commitment to the environment.

For more information on custom drip coffee boxes, contact our team

Images courtesy of The Laughing Pug Coffee Co.

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Holly Szakal
Holly Szakal

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