How branded coffee boxes elevate your subscription service 

Tori Taylor
July 4, 2024
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Modern retailers, including coffee roasters, must be able to deliver speed and convenience across every touchpoint of the consumer experience. Research shows that coffee subscriptions will continue to grow in popularity as consumers repeatedly seek out convenience and instant gratification. Everything is happening faster than ever, and it requires less effort than ever before—and consumers cannot get enough of it

Branded coffee boxes for subscriptions foster a more personalised and interactive customer experience, encouraging them to connect and engage with the business. Research shows that consumers tend to trust a brand more when the product arrives in premium packaging. Durable, branded boxes allow coffee roasters to package, store, and ship products quickly, all while boosting brand awareness without additional costs.

I spoke to Tom Saxon, Head of Coffee at Batch Coffee Club in the UK, to better understand how branded coffee boxes can elevate subscription services. 

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Why your subscription service needs branded coffee boxes

Research suggests that the global coffee subscription market will reach $1,565.3 million by 2030. This growing popularity is primarily driven by a consumer desire to practise barista skills at home and the increasing variety of at-home coffee products. Beyond this, research shows that this rise in competition is likely to push established market players to focus on brand loyalty by introducing coffee subscription services. 

For coffee roasters, subscription services can provide accurate revenue forecasts and help streamline orders. Opportunities for roasting efficiency can also reduce the overall per-unit roasting cost, which, in turn, mitigates the risk of unsold inventory going stale. Beyond this, coffee subscription boxes provide brands with creative ways to captivate consumers. Coffee subscription boxes can be fully customised to increase brand awareness to an audience well beyond the brand’s local market. 

Personalisation matters more to consumers than ever before. Recent research shows that companies that excel at demonstrating customer intimacy generate faster rates of revenue growth. According to McKinsey & Company, 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalised interaction, while 76% get frustrated when companies fail to do so. 

Branded coffee boxes hold several benefits. Tom Saxon, the founder of Batch Coffee Club in the UK, believes customisation can be a powerful marketing strategy. 

“[Customisation is important] from both a branding and sales perspective. It’s nice to have a message inside the box,” he says. “I once saw something at the bottom of the box underneath the bags, which is a bit of a surprise once you have consumed the product.”

The words ‘Welcome to the cup’ adorn the side of every Batch Coffee subscription box. “It’s a cool little aspect we added for that personal touch. We also include a little bit of content within the box, in the form of coffee flavour wheels or guides. Adding extra value or free content within the box, such as ‘how to guide’ is a nice addition.” 

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Curating a branded coffee subscription

Choose sustainable packaging materials

When designing coffee boxes, it’s essential to invest in packaging materials that align with the brand’s values and the quality of the coffee. Recyclable or compostable options, such as corrugated kraft paper, will be a big hit with environmentally conscious consumers and can show that the business is doing its part to protect the environment. Additionally, kraft coffee boxes are affordable, recyclable, and easy to customise. 

“As roasters, we have a responsibility to try to reduce as much plastic use as possible,” says Tom, who has over 10 years of experience working with specialty coffee. “Many roasters [now] use recycled or recyclable plastic bags, “he adds. “I think, as a business, it’s important to lead by example.” One way he is doing this is at Batch Coffee by pairing his recyclable coffee boxes with compostable coffee packaging.

Engage with the target market 

Branded coffee boxes are likely to be in a consumer’s home for an extended period, making it the ideal opportunity to communicate further with the target audience. Consider tailoring the customisation of coffee boxes to resonate with the preferences and interests of the target demographic. Consider an eye-catching design and an attractive colour scheme, as research shows that colour can enhance brand recognition by 80%.

Share a brand story

A recent study suggests storytelling can help customers create an emotional and personal connection with the brand, boosting customer engagement. In terms of marketing, storytelling refers to the story behind a product or brand. This is usually told through packaging, advertising, and digital content. Storytelling should inform consumers about how the company started, what it represents, and what it stands for.

In short, it should be completely transparent about the company’s origins, production process, and company ethos. For example, in the specialty coffee sector, a successful brand story should convey the entire journey of the coffee from seed to cup.

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Using branded coffee boxes to boost brand loyalty

A thoughtfully designed package adds a personal touch and can enhance the perceived value of the product and brand. Additional items such as tasting cards or QR codes that display information on the origin, producer, or brewing instructions, can be included on the mailer box to educate consumers. This may help replicate the same experience one can get from interacting with a barista directly.

It’s essential that each coffee subscription box displays the same branding, otherwise consumers may mistake it as a counterfeit. This can build negative consumer perceptions of the product. With the number of counterfeit items on the rise, it is essential that a product’s packaging colours, branding, and dimensions are accurate and consistent. 

Inconsistent packaging can come across as careless and messy – traits that coffee roasters want to avoid being associated with their coffee beans. When customers buy coffee, they expect every cup to be consistent and tasty. By achieving packaging consistency and a strong brand identity, coffee roasters can meet these high standards.

MTPak Coffee understands the importance of a memorable customer experience when it comes to specialty coffee. We offer corrugated coffee subscription boxes made from 100% recycled cardboard. With their high level of strength, durability, and weather resistance, coupled with our wide range of size options, these boxes are the perfect solution to support your subscription service.

We also offer a range of 100% recyclable coffee packaging options made from renewable materials such as kraft paper, rice paper, or multilayer LDPE packaging with an environmentally friendly PLA lining. These will fit perfectly into your coffee subscription boxes.

All of our coffee packaging options can be fully customised to your specifications, including debossing, embossing, holographic effects, UV spot finishes, and custom printing using digital printing technology. This allows us to offer low minimum order quantities (MOQs) to micro-roasters, as well as quick turnaround and shipping times.

Get your branded coffee boxes today!

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Tori Taylor

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