Bogdan Georgescu, coffee roasting champion and MTPak Coffee Ambassador

Bogdan Georgescu

2nd place at the 2019 World Coffee Roasting Championship

Romanian coffee roasting champion
Romanian flag of Bogdan Georgescu


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"As an industry, we need to be committed to fighting against unsustainable coffee packaging."

Q&A with Bogdan Georgescu

What’s your experience/role in the coffee sector?

Having started as a home barista and roaster six years ago, my passion for coffee led me to open my own roastery in Romania, called MABO Coffee. In 2019, I finished first at the Romanian Coffee Roasting Competition and runner-up at the World Coffee Roasting Championship.

Why did you decide to work with MTPak Coffee?

Over the last year, we bought a lot of coffee bags and realised that general bag brokers couldn’t fulfil our needs anymore. More than this, we saw fluctuations in the quality of the bags over time. So we decided to switch to MTPak Coffee to ensure we had a consistent supply of high-quality packaging for our coffee.

What do you think the modern coffee sector needs to focus on?

I believe one of the most important things is sustainability. Everyone, from the farmers and distributors to the roasters and coffee shops, needs to make sure coffee production survives year on year. This is the only way we can maintain the quality of specialty coffee.

Tell us more about how you view coffee packaging, and what you think the sector should be focusing on going forward.

I would like to see a market in which everyone focuses on using coffee bags made from recyclable materials. The more coffee consumption increases (which is happening year on year), the more packaging waste will be produced. That’s why, as an industry, we need to be committed to fighting against unsustainable packaging.