Daniel Horbat - MTPAK Ambassador

Daniel Horbat

World Cup Tasters Champion 2019

Daniel Horbat - MTPAK Ambassador Championships
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"I believe that coffee packaging is as
important as the beans inside the bag."

Q&A with Daniel Horbat​

What’s your experience in the coffee sector?

I first started working in the coffee sector 18 years ago, while I was still at college. During this time, I built up experience working behind the bar, consulting, teaching, and mentoring in all things coffee. I was also part of a team responsible for opening and establishing cafes across Dublin. In 2019, I became World Cup Taster Champion, before going on to open my own roastery in Dublin, called Sumo Coffee Roasters.

When I’m not roasting coffee (or drinking it myself), I like to spend my time educating people about the coffee industry. One of my missions when I started Sumo Coffee Roasters was to create a transparent and ethical coffee business, celebrating the work of all those involved in the industry, from farmers to baristas.

Why did you decide to work with MTPak Coffee?

I’d been interested in MTPak for a while, as I was always impressed by the wide variety of options they offer when it comes to designing coffee bags for businesses.

I also love the fact that they give back by focusing on sustainability, but at the same time manage to deliver high quality, eye-catching, and innovative coffee packaging. I was in the process of looking around for the perfect coffee bag, when I was approached by MTPak. Naturally, I just couldn’t say no to working with them.

What do you think the modern coffee sector needs to focus on?

I think we should focus more on transparency and traceability, direct trading, and putting farmers on the map by educating consumers about the story behind the bean.

Tell us more about how you view coffee packaging, and what you think the sector should be focusing on going forward.

I believe that coffee packaging is as important as the beans inside the bag. My personal opinion is that because packaging is the first thing people see and touch, you must make sure that its design is appealing, and inspires people to pick it off the shelf.

Having said that, I think there are other elements to coffee packaging that make it important, such as degassing valves, zippers, and the use of environmentally friendly materials.