Danilo Lodi - MTPak Coffee Ambassador

Danilo Lodi

WBC-certified judge since 2010

Danilo Lodi WCE representative since 2013
Brazil flag for Danilo Lodi MTPak Coffee Ambassador


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"We need to focus on keeping the bar high, and consistently
providing end-customers with a great experience."

Q&A with Danilo Lodi​

What’s your experience/role in the coffee sector?

I started working in the coffee industry as a barista in 2004. I now work as a roaster and barista instructor, green coffee buyer, and farm consultant. I’ve been a WBC-certified judge since 2010, and a WCE representative since 2013. I’m also a brand ambassador for Dalla Corte espresso machines.  I love to combine travelling with studying coffee and helping the industry grow across different markets, from Europe to Latin America.

Why did you decide to work with MTPak Coffee?

After more than a decade of working in the coffee industry, I decided to focus my attention exclusively on high-quality products.  I think it’s important to associate yourself with companies that care about the whole supply chain, prioritise sustainability, and offer premium quality. As a roaster consultant, it’s essential to show customers the best available options in the market – and without a doubt, MTPak Coffee offers some of the best packaging solutions worldwide.

What do you think the modern coffee sector needs to focus on?

Consistency. Our industry needs to deliver consistency every step of the way. We’re getting better all the time by controlling each step of the supply chain, but we need to focus on keeping the bar high, and consistently providing end-customers with a great experience.

Tell us more about how you view coffee packaging, and what you think the sector should be focusing on going forward.

After roasting, coffee changes a lot – and fast. If you don’t have good packaging that preserves your coffee, people will blame the quality of your beans, when really the problem is oxidation. The focus of coffee packaging should be on maintaining freshness, and giving the customer a reliable place in which to store their coffee.