Roosa Lyydia Jalonene - MTPak Coffee Ambassador

Roosa Lyydia Jalonen

Finland Cup Tasting Champion 2018

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"I think coffee packaging plays a huge role in showcasing the quality of the product inside."

Q&A with Roosa Lyydia Jalonen

What’s your experience/role in the coffee sector?

I’ve been working in the coffee industry for almost a decade now, having started as a barista while still at university. I currently work as Head of Production for The Gentlemen Baristas in London.

I’m a certified arabica Q grader and regularly participate in competitions around the world. In 2018, I became Finland Cup Tasting Champion and finished as a quarter finalist in the World Cup Tasting Championship in Brazil.  

Why did you decide to work with MTPak Coffee?

I truly believe the coffee industry can become more sustainable, and a huge part of that is
down to the packaging we use. MTPak’s sustainable approach to packaging is inspiring, and I’m excited to be working with them to promote recyclable and biodegradable products.

What do you think the modern coffee sector needs to focus on?

In addition to greener solutions for coffee production all the way up the supply chain, I would love to see sustainable packaging become the norm. Sustainable packaging is extremely important to consumers, and it’s only going to grow in significance.

Tell us more about how you view coffee packaging, and what you think the sector should be focusing on going forward.

I think coffee packaging plays a huge role in showcasing the quality of the product inside. For example, to reflect the flavour notes of the coffee, packaging must be visually appealing.

I also believe the industry should work towards eliminating single-use plastic and non-recyclable materials. In recent years, there has been a sizable shift in public opinion with regards to single-use plastics. Today, sustainability and traceability are at the forefront of consumer consciousness.