Biodegradable coffee bags

Our biodegradable coffee pouches are eco-friendly and fully customisable to promote the values of your brand.

Biodegradable coffee bags

Biodegradable coffee packaging is made from organic materials such as wood pulp, plant starches, and cellulose.

Under the right environmental conditions, microorganisms break biodegradable coffee bags down into smaller particles: water, carbon dioxide (CO2), biomass (renewable energy), and mineral salts.

Biodegradable coffee bags are able to break down within a year in a home composting environment. In an industrial composting facility, they can break down within 3 to 6 months.

Our biodegradable coffee pouches can be reinforced with multiple layers to further preserve and protect your coffee.

Are MTPak Coffee biodegradable coffee bags certified?

MTPak Coffee’s biodegradable coffee packaging is certified by Din Certco in compliance with the European certification standard (EN 13432).

It carries the Seedling logo.
Our biodegradable coffee bags are made from the following:

  • Kraft paper
  • Polylactic acid (PLA)
  • Rice paper

See our Din Certco certification.

Polylactic acid (PLA) is one of the most common bioplastics found in coffee packaging, where it is recognised for being flexible and for having a long shelf life. It is made from starches derived from corn sugar, potatoes, and sugar cane.

Our PLA coffee packaging can take as little as 90 days to decompose in a controlled composting environment.

Kraft paper is made using the kraft process, which involves the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp. Once the lignin and cellulose fibres of the wood are separated, the cellulose pulp is strained and formed into kraft paper.

Rice paper for packaging is made by cleaning and soaking plant fibres, bark, and pith in water. The pulp is stretched, pressed, and rolled between screens before it is cut to size. This creates a non-fibrous sheet of textured, off-white paper.

Our compostable coffee packaging made from rice paper and kraft paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

The FSC-certified paper “tick tree” symbol guarantees MTPak Coffee’s paper-based packaging materials have been ethically and sustainably sourced.

See our FSC certification.

Can I customise my biodegradable coffee packaging?

Our biodegradable kraft paper and rice paper coffee packaging can be custom-printed on uncoloured bags.

Our PLA coffee bags options can be fully customised using water-based inks or digital printing methods to create a 100% biodegradable product.

Compared to conventional printing, our eco-friendly digital printing methods consume less energy and resources thanks to reduced setup costs.

All of our biodegradable coffee bags can be fitted with traditional or recyclable degassing valves.

MTPak Coffee offers a wide range of innovative design and packaging customisation techniques.

Reach out to our team for more information on biodegradable coffee pouches.

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