Meet the winners of the 2023 Packaging Design Awards

Congratulations to

Birdy Coffee Co.

Birdy Coffee Co. combines coffee bags with custom-printed labels that feature a variety of birds and calming colours. To highlight the characteristics of each coffee, the brand matches it to a bird: fruiter coffees feature tropical birds.

“Coffee is meant to be FUN. With these eye-popping designs, we wanted to create something unique the customer enjoys purchasing, and delights having on their shelf at home.”
Ryan Walker

Remarkable Design for Flexible Packaging

Couplet Coffee Inc.

Couplet Coffee wanted a “visual design that was fun, approachable, and told the story of the coffee journey from farm to cup. We’re big on being bright, colourful, and funkier than people are used to in the coffee space.”

The brand’s holographic coffee bags do just that – boasting a rainbow of colours and featuring a range of fun, coffee inspired graphics.

Remarkable Design for Rigid Packaging

As a brand, Kolo Coffee focuses on innovation, simplicity, and community. The brand’s coffee boxes and bags are white and wrapped in a single, bright orange nylon band with a cord lock.

The band is a symbol of how coffee helps connect people, regardless of age, circumstance, or race.

“Kolo is the Ukrainian word for ‘circle’. That’s how we grow, through connections between coffee professionals.”

Effective Label Design

Firsthand Coffee

Firsthand Coffee started its journey in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, in 2010. Since then, the brand has grown to include five retail cafes and a specialty coffee roastery.

The brand’s recyclable LDPE coffee bags are designed to be simplistic and uncomplicated to portray the quality of the product inside.

Remarkable Seasonal / Limited Edition Design

The packaging from Woke Artisanal Roasters showcases the intricate art of the coffee tree. The brand’s flat-bottom coffee bags feature delicate decals of the branches, leaves, and cherries of a coffee tree on an ivory-white background.

Woke’s custom coffee boxes showcase the same design using eye-catching gold foil stamping.

Woke Artisanal Roasters

Effective Brand Representation

Firelight Coffee

What does this category reward?

The design for Firelight Coffee Roasters packaging represents “a picture of the future world we hope to see. A world where nature thrives in abundance, where the beauty of simple things is celebrated, and where everyone has access to quality coffee.”

The labels showcase only essential information about the coffee, in addition to the country of origin, which is represented by indigenous tree icons.

What are the MTPak Coffee Packaging Design Awards?

These awards were designed to highlight, recognise, and reward the hard work and dedication that goes into creating stand-out packaging.

As a sustainable packaging company, we want to help honour the extraordinary work we see in the field of coffee bag design every day.

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