Low MOQ coffee packaging options

Not ready for a big order? We offer a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) on both recyclable and traditional options.

Order the lowest MOQ of either stock bags, stock + single-colour logo, or fully customised coffee bags.

Plain Stock Bags

Simple, versatile, and cost-effective, our plain stock bags are the perfect option for roasters who are just starting out.

Shipped in 10 to 15 working days.

Mininum Order Quantity (MOQ):
500 units

Single-Colour Logo Bags

Our plain stock bags with a single-colour logo are a great choice for roasters looking for a low MOQ order featuring their branding.

Mininum Order Quantity (MOQ):
1,000 units

Digitally Printed Bags

Thanks to our HP Indigo 25K, digital printing offers a sustainable solution with high-quality results, greater design flexibility and customisation, and a fast turnaround.

Mininum Order Quantity (MOQ):
2,000 units

Rotogravure Printed Bags

Rotogravure printing has widespread appeal thanks to its quick turnover, low cost, and high reproduction quality.

Mininum Order Quantity (MOQ):
10,000 units