micro roaster services

Micro roaster services

For micro coffee roasters, minimum order quantities (MOQs) for packaging are a perpetual problem.

If you’re roasting to order for a local café or selling a limited supply of micro lot coffee, you don’t want to be tied to a single packaging design across thousands of coffee bags. 

While packaging is an essential part of running a roastery, it can limit your freedom and cut into profit margins if you’re forced to place huge bulk orders.

To meet the needs of micro roasters and help their businesses grow, we’ve developed cutting-edge UV printing technology that can produce as little as 500 fully customised coffee bags in just a few days.


As a micro roaster, we understand that what sets you apart is your ability to offer unique coffees from multiple origins throughout the year. 

To do this, you need sustainable coffee packaging that not only protects your coffee and preserves its freshness, but also represents your brand identity.

However, we realised that an MOQ of 10,000 units prevents you from creating distinct packaging for each one of your coffees.

As a result, we’ve developed technology that allows micro coffee roasters to stay agile while having access to the same customised packaging options as large-scale roasters.

How does it work?

Developed over a number of years, this innovative UV printing technology can apply custom branding to sustainable coffee pouches in just a few hours.

Compared to other methods such as rotogravure printing, it requires fewer resources to apply a single design on coffee bags and reduces waste thanks to its high-precision ink application. This is passed onto specialty roasters in the form of a lower carbon footprint.

MTPak Coffee’s UV printing technology considerably reduces manufacturing and drying times, allowing us to deliver your low MOQ order three times faster than traditional print-drying technology.

Thanks to this high-speed turnaround, we can deliver the custom coffee packaging to your roastery, home, or café in as little as five working days.

How to order

Order as little as 500 coffee bags with fully customised, colour designs by filling out this form

An MTPak Coffee representative will then be in touch to discuss requirements and gather artwork. Once the design has been approved, our team will create your customised coffee bags and deliver them to you in 5 working days.