In 2016, Mark Zhou and an eleven-person team founded MT Packaging (now MTPak Coffee) in Shanghai. The aim was to offer customized packaging options for the hospitality sector. Mark’s family soon joined our venture. Inspired by the specialty coffee industry’s passion and commitment to quality and innovation, our focus quickly shifted in that direction.

The following years saw our international client portfolio expand. As a worldwide leader, we have local reps in Europe, Middle East, North America, Australasia, and Asia, all of whom are active in the coffee community.

In 2019, Mark further scaled our facilities and services; we now offer a complete range of coffee pouches and bags along with heat sealers, labels, label printers, and packaging machines. Services include custom design, a wide array of packaging options, faster delivery, and more. Stock bags and supplies are also available for roasters who prefer the in-house printing route.

This expansion helped further our goal of establishing direct relationships with coffee roasters worldwide. Our new research lab is dedicated to innovation and creating state-of-the-art packaging for the coffee industry. Additionally, Giesen Coffee Roasters has selected MTPak Coffee as their official dealer in China.

Today, our business is built on delivering unrivalled customer service, promoting sustainability and environmental awareness (#GoGreen), specializing in design, cutting-edge packaging solutions, and coffee bags. Our efficient setup enables you to work with both manufacturer and printhouse.


The specialty coffee supply chain is becoming increasingly stronger and more sustainable!

As part of this community, we seek to support roasters and retailers on their journey to the top, while encouraging equity and best practices throughout the supply chain. We respect the environment, offering eco-friendly packing options worldwide.

From conception to coffee packaging design and manufacturing, we’re here to help.

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