Custom printed roll stock

Custom printed roll stock

Custom coffee packaging is one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of your customers instantly. 

Our fully customisable roll stock features high-quality images and a design that keeps even the smallest details crisp and crystal clear. 

Our film rolls come in a wide range of materials, colours, and layers, with plenty of customisations available. 

We use various printing methods, including digital printing, to ensure high-definition printing on our roll stock coffee packaging. 

Notably, compared to conventional printing, eco-friendly digital printing methods consume less energy and resources thanks to reduced setup costs.

Additionally, it provides the option to print on biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable films. 

This allows us to offer coffee roasters worldwide sustainable custom-printed film rolls, low minimum order quantities (MOQs), and a fast turnaround.

What is custom roll stock in coffee packaging?

Printed roll stock, also known as printed rewind rolls or film rolls, are ready-to-use rolls of film that can be transformed into coffee bags, pillow pouches, sachets, and more, using manual or automatic packing machines.

Our roll stock films are suitable for horizontal and vertical form fill and seal.

Our clients can choose from single-layer packaging or multi-laminate structures. Both packaging options provide an excellent barrier against oxygen, UV light, moisture, odours, and other factors that can damage your coffee beans and shorten their shelf life.

How can I customise my film rolls?

You can customise the look, feel, and dimensions of your roll stock films in several ways.

  1. Select a single or multi-layered film.
  2. Choose the roll and core sizes that work best for you and your packaging machinery.
  3. Choose the material you want to print on, including our Go Green films, such as LDPE and PLA, or traditional materials.
  4. Choose the printing process: digital, rotogravure, or flexographic.
  5. Provide an eye-catching design.

To elevate your roll stock packaging, you can also choose add-ons:

  • Transparent or clouded windows.
  • Metalized, holographic, glossy, or matte films.
  • Spot embellishments, such as embossing or hot stamping.

We are able to fully customise your rewind film rolls according to your specifications, regardless of whether you use an automatic or manual machine or a contract packer for your packaging.

Contact our design team to help you create or optimise your coffee packaging design.