Rice paper coffee bag

Rice paper coffee bags

Rice paper packaging has a unique appearance and sustainable origin, making it the perfect eco-friendly material for your roasted coffee.

Why coffee brands choose rice paper

The appeal of rice paper lies in its texture, unique appearance, and sustainable origin. It is an appealing coffee packaging material for roasters looking to show their commitment to sustainability in a unique, multisensory way.

Our rice paper comes from renewable sources such as Qintan tree bark and bamboo.

In its most basic form, rice paper has a soft texture and can be slightly translucent. To increase its strength and protective qualities, our rice paper packaging can be fitted with:

  • Recyclable degassing valves
  • Additional protective layers
  • Resealable zippers

To further customise your coffee packaging, you can also add:

  • A custom design on the outside and inside of the bag
  • Your logo with different inks and effects (such as embossing, debossing, and hot stamping)
  • Card slots
  • Transparent windows
  • And more

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