Find out when roasters should use one-way degassing valves on their coffee bags.

Sustainable degassing valves

Our recyclable degassing valves fit our entire range of eco-friendly bags perfectly.

Recyclable degassing valves for coffee bags

Preserving the original, unimpaired qualities of roasted coffee – otherwise known as “freshness” – is a chief concern among coffee roasters.

If coffee arrives to consumers stale, it can have a considerable impact not only on the reputation of your business, but its long-term success.

A degassing valve is one of the most effective ways to preserve your coffees freshness and flavour, while allowing it to travel longer distances.

It is a one-way vent that will keep your coffee bags airtight by relieving the pressure of escaped gases without allowing oxygen to enter.

Degassing valves play a crucial role in reducing food waste by prolonging the freshness and quality of roast coffee. These valves usually consist of a five pieces: a cap, an elastic disc, a viscous layer, a polyethylene plate, and a paper filter.

At MTPak Coffee, we offer recyclable, BPA-free degassing valves that not only contribute to create a user-friendly product for consumers, but also reduce the negative environmental impact of coffee packaging.

In addition to being versatile, lightweight, and affordable, our valves can be fitted to our entire range of sustainable coffee packaging options.

Our eco-friendly degassing valves use a nylon filter valve, which means they are able to retain membrane integrity without cracking, tearing, curling, or breaking.

Our valves can be fitted so they are visible from the outside or they can be hidden within the packaging layers, without jeopardising the integrity of your coffee bag.