Innovation in coffee packaging

Staying at the forefront of innovation is what helps our clients grow.

Customisable packaging

Your brand, your story. Achieving distinctiveness and forging an identity requires a careful pairing of your logo, decorative patterns, style, features, materials, and structure. We are constantly upgrading and expanding our methods for you to find the option that best suits you.

Guaranteed freshness

Freshness is key in the coffee sector. Sealing options and recyclable degassing valves help to preserve each coffee's distinct characteristics. This helps deliver the full sensory experience each time your customers open their coffee bag.

Cutting-edge technology

Never fall behind. Our advanced techniques and specialised team can help you lead the way in design trends and packaging technology – both globally and locally.

Engaging design

Looks matter. Attractive design and convenience are driving trends among consumer purchases. Our packaging can be the difference between an add-on product and one that's the focus point of your brand.

Protected coffee

Do no harm. Our sustainable coffee packaging is designed to shield your roasted coffee beans from moisture, oxygen, direct light, heat, and other degrading factors. A multi-layered system combined with high-resistant materials guarantees maximum protection for your product, whether in transport or on display.

Convenient solutions

Do it your way. Whether you take advantage of our full service options, or prefer to keep printing in-house at your roastery, we’re here to support you. MTPak Coffee offers top-of-the-line heat sealers, coffee bag/label printers, and packaging machines.